About Us

In Virginia, representatives are picking their voters…shouldn’t voters pick their representatives?

The Problem

  • In Virginia, authority for redistricting rests with the General Assembly, whose leaders have put party and incumbent advantage before constitutional requirements for compactness and contiguity.
  • Legislators have drawn district lines to favor partisan interest since the early days of the republic, but powerful computerized mapping tools and detailed demographic data have turned the mapmaking into a weapon.
  • The overwhelming majority of elections are foregone conclusions. The outcomes are rigged to favor incumbents. You have a vote — but not a voice.

The Solution

  • Transfer map-drawing from the legislature to an independent redistricting commission using a transparent process and clear rules that protect communities.
  • Prohibit map-drawing with the intent of favoring a party or individual.
  • Specify other criteria: compactness; contiguity; and respect for county, town, and other political boundaries and for communities of interest.
  • To apply reforms to the 2021 redistricting that will follow the 2020 census, the General Assembly must pass an amendment in its 2019 and 2020 sessions, and voters must approve it in November 2020.

The Work

  • Our goal is to educate Virginians on the redistricting process, what gerrymandering does to our communities, and how we can make reasonable, tangible reforms to improve representation.
  • We empower people to contact their state representatives with a petition for reform.  We have an internal goal of achieving 1,000 petition signers per House of Delegate district.
    • As of April 2018, we have over 72,000 signatures around Virginia.
  • We support litigation efforts on both racial and political gerrymandering cases in Virginia, Wisconsin, Maryland, and North Carolina.

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