Fair Criteria

Virginia has one of the worst track records in the nation for fair voting districts. Legislators draw their own districts that carve up our communities, split our neighborhoods, and remove people who might want to run against the incumbent politician. Anyone looking at these maps would agree, these districts are crazy looking.  We can do better.

There are specific rules that would make voting districts fair, keep communities together, and avoid rigging elections for those currently in office. These fair redistricting criteria have bi-partisan support in the Virginia House and Senate because they’re common sense, fair rules by which everyone can play.

Here are a few bills before the Virginia General Assembly in 2016 that would accomplish this goal.

  • Senators Vogel (R) and Howell (D) have patroned SB59.
  • Senator Sturtevant (R) has patroned SB495, which is the same as SBS59.
  • Delegate Landes (R) has patroned HB555, which is the same as SB59.
  • Delegate Minchew (R) has patroned HB553.
  • Delegate Sullivan (D) has patroned HB26.

All of the above bills would move Virginia forward and create better, more fair districts.  These bills would require our political leaders to draw lines that make sense, rather than those which are beneficial to them.  While our coalition will continue to push for an independent commission (see here), we know that making fair redistricting criteria would be a major accomplishment this year.