Alexandrians for Fair Redistricting in Virginia

September 11, 2017

Alexandria Gazette Packet
By Stafford Ward

On Nov. 7, over 5.4 million registered Virginia voters will cast their vote for one gubernatorial candidate, and for 100 Virginia House of Delegates across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Polling places in the City of Alexandria, and across the Commonwealth, will be setup to ensure that all Virginians will have their votes counted accurately, transparently, and securely for their political candidate of choice. However, what if you, as a Virginia voter, suddenly realized that you did not choose your preferred House delegate, but, in fact, your delegate already chose you? Imagine if you could not vote for your preferred delegate because you lived just one house away from the district line dividing you from your preferred choice. This political practice is actually happening, and it’s known as “gerrymandering.