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  • A. E. Dick Howard column: Redistricting Commission amendment is a landmark, but work remains to put it in the Virginia Constitution

    March 19, 2019 • EditorialNewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    Many people inveigh against partisan gerrymandering. Now, we in Virginia are about to do something about it. At its most recent legislative session, the General Assembly passed a constitutional amendment that would effectively end that nefarious practice by giving citizens a direct say regarding the drawing of legislative and congressional districts in Virginia. Moreover, the […]

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  • A big step toward fair redistricting

    March 07, 2019 • EditorialNewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    The Smithfield Times Wednesday, March 6, 2019 Virginia took a major step toward eliminating the gerrymandering of legislative districts during the waning days of the now-concluded General Assembly session. States are charged with creating congressional and state legislative districts after the national census is conducted every 10 years. Historically, the Virginia General Assembly has undertaken […]

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  • Wyatt Durrette column: Virginia constitutional amendment to create citizens commission to put fair elections first in redrawing legislative districts

    December 19, 2018 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    From an op-ed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Two months ago, I was privileged to have space on this page to tell readers about a committee working to correct the system that lets politicians draw election districts in Virginia which favor their party or put their opponents at a disadvantage. Abused by both parties, that system […]

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  • OneVirginia2021 Announces March Forth Campaign, Augusta Free Press

    February 14, 2018 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    OneVirginia2021 announced Monday the upcoming launch of its the March Forth campaign for a constitutional amendment to end gerrymandering in the Commonwealth. OneVirginia2021 announces March Forth campaign

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  • Alexandrians for Fair Redistricting in Virginia

    September 11, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    Alexandria Gazette Packet By Stafford Ward On Nov. 7, over 5.4 million registered Virginia voters will cast their vote for one gubernatorial candidate, and for 100 Virginia House of Delegates across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Polling places in the City of Alexandria, and across the Commonwealth, will be setup to ensure that all Virginians will […]

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  • Virginia hurt by gerrymandering, panelists sayDail

    August 23, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    Daily Press By Dave Ress Redistricting could explode as the top — and most heated — issue the next governor and General Assembly will face early next year, Virginia’s leading campaigner for reform said at a panel hosted by Peninsula Voices for Change. About 30 people attended the panel at Tabb Library Wednesday evening to discuss gerrymandering and […]

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  • After the deal goes down: crooked alpacas replace Virginia democracy

    August 12, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    Richmond Times-Dispatch By Stephen Nash and Mary Peyton Baskin My rules. Let’s deal. Seven cards for me, three for you, and jokers are wild. But only for me. That’s how our General Assembly works now. State legislators get to draw their own district boundaries. And they are manipulated so that incumbents have nearly unbeatable odds in […]

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  • Grassroots Organization Educates Voters on Gerrymandering

    June 14, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    By Victoria Wresilo CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – As Virginia primary voters went to the polls to weigh in on who they want to run for governor and lieutenant governor, one grassroots organization worked to educate voters on redistricting across the commonwealth and how it affects the November election. The nonpartisan group OneVirginia2021 is advocating for […]

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  • Va. group pushing for redistricting reform reaches out to Valley voters Virginia group talks nonpartisan redistricting in Staunton

    June 13, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    By Alex Johnson STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV)– If you look at a map of Virginia’s House and Senate districts, you’ll find boundaries that may seem to have no rhyme or reason; but according to some, it’s no accident the district lines were drawn this way back in 2010 by state legislatures. To One Virginia 2021, who […]

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  • You Either Want to Change the System or You Don’t

    June 01, 2017 • EditorialNewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    By Brian Cannon On a recent panel at the Aspen Institute (starting at 51:30), Tom Perez (DNC Chair) and Michael Steele (former RNC Chair) touched on the issue of redistricting reform. Perez said one of the most important things we need to do is engage in redistricting reform. Steele agreed. He also applauded Governor Larry Hogan’s […]

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  • Documentary “Gerryrigged” conveys electoral line-drawing at its worst. And Virginia takes the spotlight.

    May 25, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    By Roger Chesley The Virginian Pilot Virginia’s 8th Congressional District has a shape only a contortionist could love. Rep. Don Beyer’s territory looks like a huge question mark. Or maybe even an “evil guy laughing,” according to a man viewing the Northern Virginia district’s outlines, Rorschach-style, in “Gerryrigged: Turning Democracy on Its Head.” The advocacy […]

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  • Around Prince William: Why should you care about gerrymandering?

    May 19, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    By Al Alborn Inside NOVA What the heck is gerrymandering, and why should I care? The Prince William chapter of the League of Women Voters answered both questions on May 6.  They hosted a showing of the movie “GerryRIGGED.”  They also introduced attendees to volunteers from OneVirginia2021, a multi-partisan coalition of Virginians working on making […]

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  • Richmond Judge Allowing Anti-Gerrymandering Suit to Move Forward

    March 28, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    NBC29 Alana Austin A Richmond judge says an anti-gerrymandering suit can go forward. If the case makes its way to trial, then the final ruling could have wide-reaching impacts on Virginia and other states. The advocacy group OneVirginia2021 brought this legal challenge, arguing lawmakers in the General Assembly violated the Virginia constitution when drawing state legislative districts.  

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  • Redistricting Reform Advocates Say The Real ‘Rigged System’ Is Gerrymandering

    March 20, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    WVTF By Sarah McCammon If the election results of 2016 were really about rejecting the political establishment, then Congress didn’t get the memo. After all, 97 percent of incumbents in the U.S. House of Representatives seeking re-election won even as national polls show overwhelming disapproval of Congress. Advocates for redistricting reform hope voters are ready to pay more attention to […]

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  • In Virginia, Advocates Hope To Engage Voters In Redistricting Reform Efforts

    March 17, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    NPR Sarah McCammon In the wake of the 2016 election, redistricting reform advocates are hoping to engage voters in efforts to reduce partisan gerrymandering. In Virginia, activism is taking the form of a lawsuit and grassroots campaign.

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  • Va. redistricting trial is just that

    March 15, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    Richmond Times-Dispatch By Jeff Shapiro (Monthly Article Limit) In his other, other life, Ry Marchant — litigator-turned-judge — has been a restaurateur. As such, Marchant has an appreciation for detail: How atmosphere is complemented by menu. How ingredients enhance a dish. Whether a chef knows that — or doesn’t. How staff engages patrons. And how […]

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  • Redistricting talk next week in Newport News

    March 08, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    The Daily Press By Travis Fain The head of a group pushing redistricting reform in Virginia, which is behind one of three lawsuits to challenge state election lines in recent years, will speak next week in Newport News. Brian Cannon, executive director of OneVirginia2021, will speak at the Newport News Main Street Library Wednesday, March 15, […]

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  • Richmond judge rules anti-gerrymandering lawsuit can move forward

    February 28, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    Richmond Times-Dispatch By Graham Moomaw A Richmond judge ruled Tuesday that an anti-gerrymandering lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of several state legislative districts can move forward. After an hourlong hearing, Richmond Circuit Court Judge W. Reilly Marchant rejected a motion by the House of Delegates leadership to have the case dismissed before a trial. The case, brought […]

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  • Anti-gerrymandering suit moves forward after failed GA attempts

    February 28, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    WTVR By Jake Burns A Richmond judge said some legislative districts in Virginia are shaped like “salamanders,” before he allowed an anti-gerrymandering case to move forward Tuesday. Judge W. Reilly Marchant denied a summary judgment request from lawyers representing Republican leaders in the House of Delegates.  Granting the motion would have dismissed the case before it […]

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  • Anti-Gerrymandering Lawsuit Moves Forward in Virginia

    February 28, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    WVTF By Mallory Noe-Payne A lawsuit against Virginia’s House of Delegates for how they drew district lines back in 2011 will be moving forward. A judge in Richmond ruled today to not dismiss the case.  Virginia’s lawmakers re-draw the boundaries of their districts every ten years, when new census numbers come out. OneVirginia2021, an advocacy […]

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  • Anti-Gerrymandering Suit Moves Forward

    February 28, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    idea station By Saraya Wintersmith A Richmond judge has ruled that an anti-gerrymandering lawsuit is free to move forward. The suit centers on whether several legislative districts drawn in 2011 meet required compactness standards. The challenge was brought on by One Virginia 2021. The group’s Executive Director Brian Cannon was happy with the judge’s ruling Tuesday. […]

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  • Gerrymandering’s Insidious Power: Why Redistricting Matters

    February 28, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    OpEdNews By Meryl Ann Butler Pushing for redistricting may not be the sexiest form of activism, but it is essential. Opednews interviewed Cannon and Oglesby. Meryl Ann Butler: Thank you for visiting with OpEdNews, Brian and Bill. How did you both get started with this project? What inspired you? Brian Cannon: I have always cared about non-partisan […]

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  • Fixing Virginia’s voting districts

    February 16, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    CBS19 NewsPlex By Dan Schutte The political landscape in Virginia has been changing the last few years, turning the state from red to purple, but in terms of congressional districts, the elections aren’t that competitive. According to One Virginia 2021, a political action group pushing for redistricting, only one of the state’s 11 districts was […]

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  • Virginia redistricting advocates mount last-gasp effort as House takes up Senate proposals

    February 14, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    Richmond Times-Dispatch By Graham Moomaw The GOP-controlled House of Delegates may have obliterated its own redistricting reform bills, but a prominent Republican state senator on Monday urged her House colleagues to change course as anti-gerrymandering proposals come over from the Senate. Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel, R-Fauquier, called for a “fair hearing” when a House subcommittee today […]

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  • Will Gerrymandering Ever Go Away?

    February 08, 2017 • NewsOneVirginia2021 in the News

    1140 WRVA Audio Here

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