Press Release: Citizens Constitutional Amendment Drafting Committee will give Virginians a voice and a vote on redistricting

August 30, 2018

RICHMOND, Va. (Aug. 30) — ​​OneVirginia2021 has assembled a dedicated, diverse and bipartisan group of Virginians to draft an amendment to the Virginia Constitution that would ensure fair, non-partisan redistricting after the 2020 Census. The Citizens Constitutional Amendment Drafting Committee will​ recommend to the Governor, the General Assembly and the people of Virginia a Constitutional Amendment to improve the current constitutional and statutory standards, criteria and process for drawing Virginia’s political districts.​ The committee begins its work today.

The process by which Virginia’s Constitution is amended requires approval in two annual sessions of the General Assembly separated by an election, followed by approval by the voters in a statewide referendum. All of Virginia’s 100 House of Delegates districts, 40 Virginia Senate districts and 11 Congressional districts will be redrawn in 2021, after the 2020 Census. To take effect in time for the 2021 redistricting, this Constitutional Amendment must be presented to the General Assembly session that convenes this coming January.

OneVirginia2021 is a non-partisan organization dedicated to the idea that seats in the General Assembly and Congress belong to the people of Virginia, not to any party or elected official. With more than 80,000 supporters across Virginia and across the political spectrum, OneVirginia2021 advocates for an independent commission to draw Virginia’s political districts, rather than continuing to allow legislators to draw their own districts or allowing any political party to manipulate boundaries to help its candidates or hinder its opponents. Statewide polling has repeatedly indicated that Virginians overwhelmingly support putting a non-partisan redistricting commission in charge of drawing Virginia’s political districts.

The committee welcomes suggestions and ideas at [email protected]

Here are the members of the Citizens Constitutional Amendment Drafting Committee:

WYATT DURRETTE, Chairman – ​Former Republican nominee for Governor, former member of the House of Delegates, litigation attorney for OneVirginia2021

WARD ARMSTRONG – ​Former Minority Leader (Democrat), House of Delegates

KEN CUCCINELLI – ​Former Republican nominee for Governor, former Attorney General, former member of the Virginia Senate

REBECCA GREEN – ​W&M Law School professor, co-director of the Election Law Program of the W&M Law School and the National Center for State Courts

PAUL HARRIS – ​Former member of the House of Delegates (Republican), Senior Vice President at Hampton University

A.E. DICK HOWARD – ​UVA Law School professor, constitutional scholar, executive director of the commission that drafted the current Virginia Constitution (1971)

GREG LUCYK – ​Former Senior Assistant Attorney General of Virginia and former Chief Staff Attorney of the Supreme Court of Virginia

JACKIE STONE – ​Partner and former chair of Diversity & Inclusion Committee at McGuireWoods, accomplished advocate before Virginia General Assembly

BOBBY VASSAR – ​Former Senior Counsel and Legislative Director for Congressman Bobby Scott, former Subcommittee Chief Counsel, U.S. House Judiciary Committee

JOHN WATKINS – ​Former member of the House of Delegates and Virginia Senate (Republican)