Election Day 2016

September 12, 2016

We will be out at the polls this November 8th + we need you to join us.

Donate just two hours t0 this cause and it’ll make a major difference!

Want to help out? Contact Blake Wheelock at [email protected]

We are looking for volunteers from all parts of the state. So no matter if you are from the Eastern Shore, northern Virginia, southwest Virginia, OneVirginia2021 needs you!


1. What do I have to do?
-OneVirginia2021 is only asking for two hours out of your day. At either your polling place or one near your home, you will be giving information to voters as they leave the polling place. We have found that voters are much likelier to talk and take information after they have done their civic duty.

2. Am I going to receive training?
-Of course! OneVirginia2021 will be having both training meetings and training calls to prep everyone for Election Day. These meetings will teach you our talking points and some of the frequent questions we get at the polls.  But the conversation is pretty easy:  “Hey, thanks for coming to vote!  We’re living in this weird gerrymandered district (points to sign of weird district) and we’re petitioning the General Assembly to stop these shenanigans – want to join us?”

3. Do I have to bring anything?
-Yes and No. OneVirginia2021 will supply all signs, handouts, buttons, stickers, pens, clipboards, and information. You may want to bring a chair or some water though and of course a big ole smile!

4. Am I going to have fun?
-YES! OneVirginia2021 had 80+ volunteers help us out during the primaries and ALL of them are coming back to help again! We have heard nothing but great things from our volunteers as they tell us about their experiences. Redistricting reform is one of the very few topics that reaches across all lines and brings people together. People like learning about this and people like know about how bored and multi-partisan our organization is!

5. How can I help out and learn more?
-Contact Blake Wheelock at [email protected]. Let him know you want to volunteer! Also please include your address and if you’re willing to travel a little bit, so we can get you your information.