Gibson: Will Virginians get a chance to end gerrymandering?

September 24, 2018

In four months, Virginia lawmakers will have to deal with the partisan question of whether to ditch or preserve the majority-party power to redraw district lines to suit themselves.

Their choice is made more difficult by the temptation for many in each party to believe that they will own majorities when the 2020 Census data spurs redistricting early in 2021.

A group of citizens has begun the task of drafting a constitutional amendment to bring about the demise of the gerrymander used harshly by both parties over many decades.

For Greg Lucyk, the question is: “Will the people of Virginia prevail?” Lucyk, a retired top state redistricting attorney, is working as part of the group of 10 citizens drawing up an amendment to the Virginia Constitution to end the partisan gerrymandering that deters competition and preserves partisan self-interest.

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