Independent Commission

An Independent Commission Will Reduce the Conflict of Interest Legislators Have When They Draw Their Own Districts.

To do this we backed key legislation in 2015, SJ 284, to create an independent redistricting commission with non-partisan criteria.

It removes the conflict of interest that politicians have when they draw their own districts.  (Yes, it’s crazy that they do that!)  And while no commission can be free of any politics (everyone has an opinion), the commission wouldn’t have the conflict of interest that the legislators have when making voting maps.  Also, they have specific criteria to use for drawing the maps that prohibit them from using political data.

Here is the Republican Chief Patron of SJ 284, Senator Jill Vogel discussing it:

The text of the legislation can be found here.

Virginia can do much better than our current system.  SJ 284 would be a major step towards a more ethical General Assembly.