Pass the Resolution

A RESOLUTION OF THE ____________________


WHEREAS, the _____________ supports redistricting reform in Virginia for state legislative and congressional districts; and

WHEREAS, the_____________ maintains that transparent and non-partisan legislative districting is a reform essential to build more trustworthy, accountable, and healthy democracy for our state and nation; and

WHEREAS, the_____________ maintains that redistricting reform is necessary to eliminate the conflict of interest that allows General Assembly members to pick their voters; and

WHEREAS, the_____________ maintains that eliminating political data would help resolve the problem of split precincts and divided jurisdictions throughout Virginia,

WHEREAS, action is needed now given the multi-year process required to amend the Virginia Constitution in order to institute a reformed redistricting process by the time the next redistricting occurs in 2021.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the_____________ fully supports and urges action to protect and promote democracy in Virginia through redistricting reform.

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Communities that have Passed the Resolution

  1. Albemarle
  2. Alexandria
  3. Arlington
  4. Blacksburg
  5. Charlottesville
  6. Christiansburg
  7. Fairfax (County)
  8. Falls Church
  9. Fluvanna
  10. Glade Springs
  11. Lexington
  12. Martinsville
  13. Norfolk
  14. Richmond (City)
  15. Victoria
  16. Vienna
  17. Williamsburg