The Amendment

Constitutional Amendment to Create an Independent Redistricting Commission

This August we pulled together a group of ten distinguished Virginians – former legislators from both sides of the aisle plus policy and drafting experts – to come up with a state constitutional amendment to change the way Virginia redistricts.  The goal was to go from our current hyper-political process to a transparent process that protects communities instead of politicians.  To see our announcement of this Citizens Committee and who served on it, please click here.

After months of hard work, meetings, discussions with outside experts and interested legislators, the Citizens Committee released their report on November 29, 2018.  You may download a PDF of the report here. You may download a PDF of legislation SJ274 here. 

Here is a short video explaining the inner-workings of the proposed amendment.

We also have a one page explainer PDF here.

Tell Your Legislators to Support SJ274

For any inquiries, including speaking opportunities, please contact Brian Cannon at [email protected] or call 804.240.9933.

Thank you for your interest in redistricting reform!  Gerrymandering is bad.  We are the good folks here in Virginia trying to stop it. 

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