Trumped: The Map That Made Donald the Republican Nominee

August 04, 2016

By GISuser

Republican mapmakers gained what they perceived to be a huge victory following their landslide state election wins in 2010 through gerrymandering and redistricting dozens of states, so much so that their victory will probably last a decade or more. “There is a real irony with GIS. The technology theoretically permits states to consider a vast amount of information during the redistricting process, including things like ‘communities of interest,’” says Benjamin Forest, an associate professor of geography at Dartmouth. “Unfortunately, a concept like ‘community of interest’ is difficult to quantify. Texas, for example, made a genuine attempt to represent ‘communities of interest’ using GIS, but this information ultimately had little impact on the state’s redistricting plans. Even if GIS provides somewhat better data on ‘communities of interest’, it also contains much, much more precise partisan and demographic information.”