Virginians on the Governor’s Race, Felon Voting Rights, Sports, and More

June 21, 2016

Public Policy Polling

PPP’s new look at next year’s race for Governor in Virginia finds that indecision abounds. None of the candidates are particularly well known- Ed Gillespie has the highest name recognition but it’s still only 42%, followed by Ralph Northam at 34%, Corey Stewart at 25%, and Rob Wittman at 24%. Hypothetical head to heads between Northam and the Republican hopefuls all find basically tied races- Gillespie has a 37/36 edge over Northam, Wittman and Northam each get 34%, and Northam has a 34/32 edge on Stewart. When it comes to who Republicans want their candidate to be next year, ‘not sure’ wins with 41%. Among the actual candidates Gillespie is tops with 29% to 16% for Wittman, and 13% for Stewart.